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Physical Medicine  

Dr. Zimmerman incorporates a wide variety of manipulative and soft tissue techniques from both chiropractic and Chinese medicine to get you fast relief from: 

  • Auto Accident injuries  
  • Sports related injuries and pain  
  • Musician's aches and pains  
  • Back & Neck Pain  
  • Sciatica  
  • Headaches  
  • Arm, Shoulder, elbow, hip, leg, ankle, foot pain  
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  
  • Numbness and tingling  


Acupuncture and it's sister, moxibustion, have been used for many centuries in Asia to treat a myriad of problems. According to ancient theories, acupuncture helps the body heal by helping to balance the flow of energy and blood flow in the body. Modern evidence, however, is starting to show that acupuncture influences the nervous system and neurotransmitters, ie the communication highway of the body, to help facilitate a healing response. While the ancient theories are a useful roadmap to the clinical use of acupuncture, nowadays, we do not have to "believe" in acupuncture to experience the results. Most people, even the skeptics, respond just fine to acupuncture for a wide variety of problems. I know....I was one of them! 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) acupuncture may be useful in treating the following conditions: 

  • Addiction– alcohol, drug, smoking      
  • Anxiety    
  • Arthritis    
  • Asthma  
  • Bronchitis  
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  
  • Chronic Fatigue  
  • Colitis  
  • Common Cold  
  • Constipation  
  • Dental pain  
  • Depression  
  • Diarrhea  
  • Digestive problems  
  • Dizziness  
  • Dysentery  
  • Emotional problems  
  • Eye problems  
  • Facial palsy/tics  
  • Fatigue  
  • Fertility  
  • Fibromyalgia  
  • Headache  
  • Incontinence  
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome  
  • Low back pain  
  • Menopause  
  • Menstrual irregularities/ PMS/Reproductive Problems  
  • Migraine  
  • Morning Sickness  
  • Nausea/ Vomiting  
  • Osteoarthritis  
  • Pain  
  • Rhinitis/ Sinusitis  
  • Sciatica  
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder    
  • Shoulder pain  
  • Sleep Disturbances  
  • Stress  
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia  
  • Wrist pain  

Chinese Herbal Medicine  

Chinese medicine in general may be viewed as the original Eastern functional medicine. While Chinese medicine is not based on science based anatomy and physiology, it is grounded in empirical evidence founded on the tenets of balance of mind, body, and spirit.  When skillfully employed, it is a remarkably useful paradigm for helping treat a myriad of complaints. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine is especially effective at easing the symptoms of: 

  • allergies  
  • anxiety  
  • arthritis  
  • colds and flu  
  • digestive problems  
  • dizziness  
  • fatigue  
  • insomnia  
  • perimenopausal symptoms  
  • PMS  

Functional Medicine  

Western functional medicine is a relatively new, non-allopathic, ie. non-drug or surgery , but science based approach to wellness care. The goal in functional medicine is not to treat disease but to attempt to determine and treat the root causes that may be compromising health and facilitating the development of disease. Standard, as well as more cutting edge, medical tests are used to determine biomechanical glitches that may be interfering with the body's innate ability to heal or normalize. Treatment is via nutritional and botanical therapies that have some degree of evidence supporting their use. 


Our Patients Speak!



“I was in excruciating neck pain and arm pain….the treatments Dr. Z provided soon helped bring my pain under control…I feel like I have the old me back.” 

Christine N., Real Estate Agent 


“Better posture…regained balance…increased strength…less tired and able to function with normality…..quality of life improved. 

             Linda F., Housewife 


“At first, my back was killing me as well as my driving foot. I would literally limp after getting out of the car to get in the house. Your chiropractic adjustments helped me recover almost immediately.” 


“I tore my right shoulder rotator cuff..You treated my shoulder with adjustments and the laser and it is better. The doctors at my work are astonished. I teasingly tell them all the time that the only true medicine is Chiropractic medicine. Thank you Dr. Zimmerman-you’re the best.                  Liz R., Manager 


“Chiropractic care eased my neck ache and lower back ache felt after my car accident...I would truly recommend chiropractic care for those who feel that they need to correct posture or those who suffer from back aches, headaches, neck aches, or to just better a lifestyle. I feel that your services are terrific.”-             Ricardo D., 


“Working with Dr. Zimmerman has showed me how much better I can feel without taking medication. This is the only treatment that I have had which has offered me immediate relief.”-Aaron G., Programmer


Dr. Zimmerman's complete approach to wellness is, I think, the way forward for modern medicine. He treated my symptoms and the causes simultaneously, this helped me to correct problems with my posture that were causing my discomfort."-

          Tim W, music producer


Your assistance in ridding myself of bone spurs on my heels worked like a miracle. I have had no pain ever since using your advice and techniques. I have now lost over 50 lbs. and continue to loose slowly. Today I can walk for 2-4 miles comfortably..I continue to tell my friends of your assistance and expertise and refer them to you for services whenever possible. I really do appreciate all you've done for me.-       Linda R., Teacher




The above are all true testimonials from patient’s of Zimmerman Chiropractic and available for viewing in our office. We have not included full last names to protect our patients’ privacy.